Madelynn Belle was born in Phoenix, AZ and raised in Centralia, WA. She spent the first half of her life with her grandparents, and to this day credits her vibrant imagination to the many Disney movies her poor, long suffering Grandmother unwittingly provided. Her parents had a great passion for the written word. Soon Madelynn found herself following in their footsteps and becoming an avid bookworm.

After receiving her first journal, Madelynn enjoyed scribbling down short stories, and spent a lot of time daydreaming. Her first story was a comedy called “Disaster!” And centered around a young girl on a deserted island who wrote books and played at the beach all day.

In junior high Madelynn funneled her passion into the school newspaper and enjoyed interviewing various teachers. In high school she was allowed more creative freedom and several of her poems were published in the school alumnus.

At 15 her Dad coaxed her into watching Lord of the Rings for the first time. Madelynn conceded but, after years of sitting through his corny sci-fi films, didn’t have a very high expectation for the movie. She had no idea she was about to fall in love! That was the night Madelynn discovered her passion lay in fantasy. To this day Lord of the Rings remains her favorite trilogy and fantasy remains her favorite genre to write.

Madelynn enjoys writing strong, opinionated characters were the woman gets to be the hero. She enjoys exploring other genres as well such as contemporary, sci-fi, comedy and romance.

Madelynn prefers to have her toes in the sand and her head in the clouds. She likes to snuggle up in her hobbit slippers and brainstorm new ideas while drinking a hot cup of cocoa. Apart from writing her hobbies include crafting, sewing, road trips and looking for the next adventure. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her cat Luna, who happens to be a great listener.