Is SideStreet Cookie Publishing for you?

Hello all my wonderful readers! It has been a busy but PRODUCTIVE week. As you know my book Belle and the Beast hit the proverbial shelves last month. The sequel, Ella at the Ball is ready to be sent off to the publishers today and the entire series was wrapped up this week.

I decided to take a breather before jumping headfirst into my next series and wanted to share with you all a publisher who is currently open for submissions!

Say whaaaat?

I know, it’s exciting. You might be wondering how I stumbled across a new publisher when I’m already writing for Books To Go Now. Well if you remember, my last blog was a review of the book “Beast Within” by Tyffani Clark Kemp. Her book intrigued me so much I did a little research on the author and was surprised to find she had started her own publishing company! Once again I was intrigued by this very talented author, so I tracked her down and asked a few questions about her business. She was kind enough to answer.

Q: What gave you the idea for SideStreet Cookie Publishing?
A:  I had mentioned to my best friend once that I was thinking about starting a publishing company. It was such a huge endeavor, though, that I dragged my feet until she told me, “You ARE going to start your publishing company.” So, I did.
Q: A lot of authors have reported difficulty breaking into publishing. What do you have to say to that?
A: It is definitely a difficult industry to break into. Not just for indies but for traditionally published authors as well. When it first started getting popular and the market wasn’t so saturated, it was much easier to get your work seen. It requires a lot of hard work and diligence to make it work now.

Q: How is Side Street Cookie Publishing unique from other publishers?
A: We have a relationship with our authors and we want everyone to reach their interpretation of success, whatever that may be.

Q: What genres do you publish?
A: We publish all genres

Q: How do you help your authors become successful?
A: We work with them to make sure that their work is the best it can be and we are very focused on self-promotion. While we do everything we can to promote our authors, we teach them how to promote themselves as well.

Q: What else should we know about SideStreet Cookie Publishing?
There are a couple of things. We are currently open for submissions. All submissions can be sent to . We request submissions in the typical submission format of query letter, synopsis, and sample pages. More information can be found at Our owner, Tyffani Clark Kemp, also writes a column for Lust Bites magazine for authors on affordable ways to promote themselves.

You can read Tyffani Clark Kemp’s latest article by clicking here
I paged through it and the magazine is very good!
You can also visit their website by clicking here
Intrigued? I know I was! Hop on over and be sure to tell me what you think!



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