“Beast Within” Book Review

So now that Disney’s live action hit theaters I’m sure everyone is vying to know, did I like it? Was it amazing? Everything I dreamed and more? Did I float out of the theater in awe of what I had just witnessed? I’ll be honest: I didn’t love it. I don’t like the changes they made to Gaston’s character. Beast’s sharp wit, while engaging and funny, diminished his vulnerability which is part of the reason why I loved him so much. Gone was my iconic library scene, the breathtaking fight on the castle rooftops and the long, lingering looks he was always giving Belle. Beast was snarky, and I liked that, but in the animated movie you really begin to see when Beast changes and how. I feel like that transformation in the live action was just….blah.

But enough about me. I did like the movie, I just didn’t love it. I’ll still buy and enjoy it. The cast alone will make it worthwhile. So as usual, my thirst for all things “Beauty and the Beast” was not quenched and I went on the hunt for something new to sink my teeth into.

Que “Beast Within” by Tyffani Clark Kemp. The description went something like this. “Gabriel Slade runs Hollywood with his gorgeous blue eyes and egregious temper. No one knows that underneath it all is a man with a frozen heart, cursed to become a beast at every full moon. For seven days he has no choice but to roam the earth as a vicious animal, until he meets a woman who can change it all.

Luna Grace has a hatred for everything Gabriel Slade stands for, but she doesn’t even know what he looks like. When a chance encounter reveals feelings Luna never knew she harboured, it stands to reason that she would run.

Can Luna overcome her hatred and break the curse? Or will Gabriel’s temper keep her from realizing her true feelings, dooming him to remain the beast forever?”

Wow! So, I’ve made it clear in the past that my favorite genres are fantasy, paranormal and sci-fi. Not to mention this book was FREE! Holy crap, I was so excited. I eagerly downloaded the book, read the first chapter and….put it down.

In truth, the beginning was a bit slow for me and it was reading like a contemporary which I can take or leave. In this case I decided to let it simmer for a couple of weeks then picked it back up.

BAM I’m sure glad I made that choice! Wow! The plot progressed quickly after the first chapter, but not TOO quickly. It’s a full length novel at 276 pages. But the paranormal element introduced itself and I was hooked.

The love scenes between Gabriel and Luna were breathtaking. Sometimes I wanted to cry, sometimes I needed to fan myself. Wow. Gabriel was genuinely frightening at times but hey, he’s a werewolf. I forgive him. Besides, Luna was fully capable of defending herself. Did I mention she’s a master swordsman?!

This is a dynamic couple. Luna is vulnerable, not helpless. Luke is a beast but fully capable of love. Their relationship is a story all it’s own. They draw close and then pull away. Their insecurities threaten them just as much as outside forces.

Speaking of outside forces, as it turns out Gabriel is not the only werewolf out there. And these other werewolves don’t want to be cured. They’re prepared to go to any lengths to stop Gabriel and Luna’s blossoming romance. Including murder.

Oh yeah, there’s also a MAJOR plot twist about 2/3 through the book. I almost dropped my kindle. I gasped. I mean, this plot twist came out of nowhere! But once it happens you want to smack yourself and say, “how did I not see this coming?”

What’s the plot twist? I can’t tell you. But you can follow the link below and read it for yourself.

Oh, did I mention, IT’S FREE?

The book ends with a cliffhanger but luckily there’s a sequel which I MUST buy. I’m sure I’ll get around to reviewing it eventually so stick around for that.

Meanwhile, for your reading pleasure:


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