“The Homecoming” Review

What does “homecoming” bring to mind? Prom? Travel? What if I said Tammy Tate’s “Homecoming” featured a half human/half werewolf girl and a sizzling hot shifter?

When Tammy Tate offered to let me read her book I JUMPED at the chance. Not only have her books been on a few of Amazon’s best seller lists, but paranormal is one of my favorite genres to read.

When I started reading Homecoming, I could not put it down. It took several hours but I actually read it all in one day. I couldn’t help it, the plot sucked me in! You can view Tammy Tate’s book trailer below:

Pretty cool, right?! Whoa, I was hooked. So of course I finished the book in one day. Tammy Tate has an amazing way of weaving in multiple plot lines so let me see if I can give this an honest review without giving away too much.

Our heroine, Sydney, is half human/half werewolf. The book opens with her leaving Oklahoma and fantasizing over the hunky man/wolf that’s been coming to her in her dreams. Sydney meets up with her Aunt Susan who is married to the clan’s alpha. Once arriving at the Bayou, it is discovered that the hunky man/wolf IS real and named Kyle. Then, things picked up fast. Like, lightning fast. At this point the multiple plot lines start to kick in and initially this was REALLY confusing to me. Let’s review some of the obstacles this couple has to face:

  1. Kyle is engaged
  2. Sydney’s transformation  might kill her
  3. Vengeful ex who never quite redeems herself in my eyes
  4. Psychopath brother who I REALLY wanted to see redeemed
  5. Vampires

Yay Vampires! Or, er, not. So you can see this book has quite a few threads. The first half of the book felt like a lot like a roller coaster ride where you can feel the tension building and one problem would resolve itself, but then another problem would appear and it would start all over again. The good news? Each plot line was engaging, featured lots of action and developed the characters. There was not a boring moment and I really enjoyed the story. About halfway through the book you’ll begin to see how each plot ties into each other and drives the story forward.

I really liked the characters. Especially Beau. I though he was a riot! Another thing is, you can identify with each character. The way Tammy Tate writes you can always feel exactly what the character is feeling which puts you in the moment. The relationship between Kyle and Sydney is so romantic and well put together. Sydney is strong and engaging. Even when vulnerable, she is never the damsel in distress. Kyle is protective and passionate without ever overstepping his boundaries or overshadowing his partner. So many “romances” fall into this stereotype and I was relieved when this book did not. I love, I can not say this enough, I LOVE Sydney. She is the type of woman we all strive to be. I should also add there are some sizzling hot love scenes, so not for the faint of heart!

I’m going to be honest, I really enjoyed this book. And it’s the first in a series titled the Bayou Shifters! The romance, the characters and the action are all so engaging that I can’t wait for the sequel Ready to give this book a chance? Follow the link below to purchase from Amazon!


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