O’ Night Divine and 6 More Weeks of Winter

Ok everyone, we all know what this means. The groundhog saw his shadow and now we’re stuck with another six weeks of winter. To some, this may come as a joy. Who doesn’t love cuddling up next to the fire with some hot cocoa and a good book? Sometimes it’s nice just to watch the snow fall.

But when you live in Washington, where everyday is like winter, it just means another 6 weeks of wet, soggy weather. And no sun.

Yesterday and today proved a little different. We have about a half foot of snow, something that hasn’t happened in probably 10 years. Josh and I went on a walk and enjoyed the sparkly whiteness. My cat Luna ran the out the door before we could stop her and promptly ran back in (something that’s never happened before). I don’t think she likes the cold.

So while I’m snowed in and watching The Two Towers, I decided it’s finally time to give everyone the long awaited update of my Mom’s Christmas book.

Surprisingly, there’s history behind this book that I found absolutely chilling and inspiring. And it all started with my Great-Great Grandparents who immigrated to America from Denmark. Over the course of their life they scrimped and saved every penny they had. They eventually donated several thousand dollars to the historical museum. That’s a LOT of money! Especially considering the time period in which they were saving (they lived during the Great Depression).

The Historical Society used the interest to run properly. This included paying employees and utilities. With several donations (including one from my Great-Great Grandparents) the museum fund totaled to a quarter of a million dollars.

Then, a director came along that embezzled this money THEN in an effort to hide what she had done, hired someone to BURN DOWN THE MUSEUM!

Shocking, right? Luckily she was caught, convicted, and the building still stands. Of course my family is still upset that she embezzled my Great-Great Grandparents money (who wouldn’t be though?).

My Mother, Debby Lee, who absolutely loves shows like Law and Order decided to use this as inspiration to write her book O’ Night Divine.

The story centers around a young woman named Karena Smith who is determined to find out who is vandalizing the County Museum. Along to help is handsome Dane Cassidy, the new security guard. Together can they save the museum?

This story is a sweet romance with an inspirational theme and surprising twists. Don’t be afraid to read it, you won’t be sorry! This story is part of an anthology with 6 other stories. They all have a Christian/Christmas theme to them. If you love Christmas as much as I do, this is a book you can read year around!

Check out the link below to buy my Mom’s books!


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  1. Debby Lee says:

    This is a beautiful article, Michelle, thanks for posting it.


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