Bring on the holidays, and books!

I know, I know! Halloween is barely over and we’re already charging ahead towards Christmas! (Thanksgiving?) All I know is I’m trying my hardest to finish the rewrites on my Beauty and the Beast novel before the end of the year. My contemporary short story of Beauty and the Beast will most likely be sent out to a publisher at the end of the week.

Overall with the holidays I’m feeling really swamped. On top of working a full time job, writing, and setting up an etsy shop (that may or may not survive past Christmas) I’ve potentially bitten off more than I can chew.

So let me change the subject here and talk about another great author: Debby Lee! As many of you may know this fabulous author happens to be my MOTHER and she recently came out with a new book titled Christmas of Hope. It takes place in our home state of Washington (State, not DC!) and centers around the story of a young woman who falls for a logger. Seeing as how Washington is known as the Evergreen state I think the theme is PERFECT.

Click here to check out my Mom’s new book and join me later for a detailed interview!


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