Halloween Is Nearly Here!

Why hello everyone! Welcome to my new website! I hope this page will be easier for my fans to navigate. I’ve been hard at work on my writing so let me update everyone:

I’m currently working on my Seven Nights of Satin series and it’s NEARLY finished. Phew, let me tell you when I first began working on this project I did not predict it would be this much work! I (foolishly) believed it would be easy to pump out a book a day (around 10,000 words.) Of course this was FAR from the truth but I am happy to announce I am halfway through book six and holding out hopes that the series will be picked up by a publisher.

I have began collaboration with other authors on my short story “Staggering to the Chapel” and we hope to have an anthology out by next Spring! Hurray!

I still haven’t began work on the sequel to Purest Heart. This will be my next project as soon as I finish the Seven Nights of Satin series. As stated above, that time is nearly here!

Now, for my SPOOKIEST news yet! For those of you who have enjoyed Castle Frankenstein I have decided to turn it into a TRILOGY! The next two books will not focus on Emmeline or Seth, but rather Clara and James. Each book will be a stand alone and you will not need to read them in any particular order.

Lastly, I have been singularly focused on my Beauty and the Beast novel. I have been working on this book as well as my Seven Nights of Satin series with a weird sort of fury that only Halloween can bring! My energies have been a bit scattered lately so I’m hoping to buckle down and pop out some more books soon!

I hope everyone has a great Halloween. I know Josh and I are hosting a huge party with a bunch of friends and we’re really looking forward to it. We even have all our decorations up! I’ll be back soon with another update, tata for now!


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